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The District of Columbia protects the rights of people who speak limited or no English. The D.C. Language Access Act of 2004 obligates the D.C. Government to provide equal access and participation in public services, programs, and activities for residents of the District of Columbia who cannot speak, read, or write English.

If you request a service within D.C. government and you cannot speak, read or write or understand English, you have the right to: REQUEST AND RECEIVE INTERPRETER SERVICES AT NO COST.

D. C. government agencies will provide a qualified interpreter to assist you in-person or will provide a professional telephone interpreter service if an in-person interpreter is unavailable: REQUEST AND RECEIVE VITAL DOCUMENTS IN YOUR LANGUAGE AT NO COST TO YOU.

D.C. government agencies will provide various translated material, such as applications, notices, complaint forms, and outreach materials available in the non-English languages spoken y the population they largely serve.

If you are unable to receive access to a service in your language from a particular D.C. government agency, the agency may be in noncompliance with the D.C. Language Access Act. Please contact the Language Access Program at the D.C. Office of Human Rights at (202)727-4559 to report such a based. Remember, you have a right to receive access to services in your languages.

Use the following information below in order to request a service at a D.C. government agency, and keep this information with you at all times, and state the following:

I speak one of the following languages:

  1. Spanish,
  2. Amharic,
  3. Korean,
  4. Chinese,
  5. French,
  6. Korean, or
  7. Vietnamese

I need language assistance. Please make note of my spoken language in your records, as well as my need for an interpreter. District of Columbia law requires D.C. government agencies to ensure access to their program. For more information of to make a complaint, contact:

D.C. Office of Human Rights
(202) 27-4559