Client Testimonials

Dr. Bonnie Iqbalperbak

"Clarissa. T. Edwards is an exemplary attorney who is a beacon of light to whomever she encounters! My prior experiences with attorneys left me disillusioned with the hopes of ever finding a compassionate, truthful, and respectful one until I met her in the D.C. Superior Court ladies room. I was crying and pouring my heart out to her about my quandary, and she took time out of her busy schedule in order to me how to get in touch with Pro-se litigants. The court room is her stage and her savvy, proficient, aggressive litigation style really comes alive! I consider her not only my lawyer, but also my whole-soul selfless friend, and I highly recommend her legal services to everyone I know!"


Sheila Redding

"THE LAW OFFICE OF C.THOMAS, CHARTERED did an outstanding job in saving my family’s property which was caught up in a extensive estate litigation. Without the firm, winning the trial, my family would have loss the 50% percent interest in our family home."


Sandra Tolliver

"I was a victim of predatory lending and mortgage fraud. THE LAW OFFICE OF C.THOMAS, CHARTERED kept me from being evicted, and they continue to fight hard so that I can stay in my family home. They treat me just like family."


Scottie Mauney

"THE LAW OFFICE OF C.THOMAS, CHARTERED did an outstanding job with our litigation. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts."